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From New Orleans, La. Raised in different projects, ghettos, and urban areas. Lloyd’s mother and father, for personal health reasons were not able to be present during a large portion of his childhood, however they were there for him as much as possible throughout his life. He was partially raised by relatives and people very close to his family until his father, having recovered from a paralyzing stroke, left the hospital and raised him. Lloyd’s father, an institution and staple to the sport of tennis in New Orleans put him on the tennis court at age 3. At a very early age Lloyd naturally became an artist, drawing, painting, and performing music since elementary school. Having always seen tennis and arts as a way to escape from his extremely traumatic upbringing in the neighborhoods he grew up in. At age 17 became one of the youngest people to in history to get accepted to Juilliard, where he studied drama on a full scholarship. Lloyd is Professional Tennis Registry Certified. Trained at Juilliard, N.O.C.C.A, Parsons School of Art and Design, Mannes Conservatory of Music, The Art Students League of New York, Van Der Meer Tennis Academy, and E3 Sports Institute. Lloyd’s art has been commissioned and displayed at galleries and exhibits in New Orleans and New York and he has also performed music in several venues with various acts,  having also been chosen to perform at Carnegie Hall in a tribute to Michael Jackson. He has appeared on t.v and  in films and is currently in New Orleans training for and coaching tennis and creating arts projects. His latest single, “Set Up", can be found here . Lloyd Dillon is the Founder & CEO of Heavylight Enterprises, Atomic Flight Productions,  Feelin Great Real EstateGet It Tennis & Fitness.



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